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resource portal includes - Osha Management

Reporting, Recordkeeping & Upload Directly to OSHA

Input, record, store and upload directly to OSHA.  Including forms 300, 300A and 301.  The Portal will also help you indentify claims that are and are not OSHA requirements.


When regulatory changes affect your business, we’ll make sure you have all the resources you need to keep your team informed and compliant.  


Our checklists and inspection tools will help you address potential issues before the inspector comes knocking on your door. 

Are your chemical labels and safety data sheets updated to comply with OSHA’s HazCom standards?

Our full suite of GHS compliance resources will help bring your hazard communication program into compliance.  

OSHA Safety and Health Regulations

Establish safe work procedures based on OSHA standards that are specific to your industry.

Benchmarking Report

The OSHA Benchmarking Report brings an analytical approach to the field of workplace safety and can help you optimize your training efforts through an evidence-based, analytical approach to workplace safety.  

Resource Portal includes -Employer Tools

Salary Benchmarking Tool

 In minutes, search compensation and pay structure reports to compare data nationally, by state, or within a region/metro area. Salary data is generated from over 800 jobs across dozens of industries, helping your company build the best compensation packages. 

Sample Job Descriptions

The ability to choose from over 900 comprehensive job descriptions, allowing you to quickly customize and develop your own.

Total Compensation Statement Builder

 By following a step-by-step process, you can create a professional compensation communication document in minutes, helping you highlight the monetary value of the entire benefits package you offer. 

Multi-State Law Comparison Tool

 If your company has multiple locations in different states, you may be concerned about which state labor laws apply to your business. This simple-to-use tool provides a side-by-side chart that highlights and compares state laws. 

Resource Portal Includes - Risk Management

Promote Safety

Promote a safety-minded workplace.  You'll have access to flyers, newsletters, bulletins, a comprehensive worker safety manual and more to keep safety top of mind. 

Lower Your Mod

 Control your mod through a comprehensive risk management plan, which seeks to reduce your workers’ compensation premium by acting on all its contributing factors, from loss control to cost containment.

Establish a Safety Program

A safety culture equals risk reduction. The Portal will provide you with the resources to  establish an employee safety program to help reduce the risk of injuries and illnesses in your workplace. 

Policies, Program and Manuals (fully customizeable)

  • Employee Safety Manuel
  • Fleet Safety Manuel
  • New Employee Safety Orientation Manuel
  • Drug Free Workplace Policy

Legal & Compliance Resources

  •  Workplace Posters Required by the Federal Government 
  •  Cellphone Use/Texting While Driving - Laws by State 

Other Resources

  •  Risk Insights: Manage Total Cost of Risk, Control Price 
  •  Cyber Liability: Cyber Security for Small Businesses 
  •  Preventing Claims While Disciplining and Terminating Employees 

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Here is a quick view of the portal and a partial description of the tools and resources.

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