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Closed claims can be reopened and denied claims can be reversed.  However, you'll need expertise to investigate and determine if the insurance carrier underpaid, or wrongly denied.  We have that expertise, drawing on 30  years of experience.  We work on contingencies, if we are not successful, we do not get paid, you have nothing to loose. 

For new claims, would it be to your benefit to have an experienced adjuster work on your side?  To make sure you receive the maximum payments and on a timely basis?  We are here to manage your claim to your utmost benefit, our fee is based on a small percentage of the claim payment.  

Claims management is for Virginia only and handled by Jeffrey G. Cassedy, a licensed public adjuster.

Claims - Win the Negotiation

Closed Claims


In most cases insurance carriers will reopen a closed claim if shown that they underpaid, or missed a coverage, even if closed years ago.  We review the claim from all angles and advocate on your behalf.  We will scrutinize the closed claim to be sure you receive all that you were owed.

New Claims


We have the experience and coverage expertise to obtain the maximum payment for your claim.  We start by inspecting the damage and estimate(s).  Relying solely on the insurance carrier's estimate is not always a good idea.  We also thoroughly review your policy(s) to be sure you make claim to all benefits for which you are entitled.  We then work directly with the insurance adjuster to make sure you receive the highest payout on a timely basis.  

Denied Claims


Insurance companies are generally reasonable. If we can show that their denial was based on incorrect information or wrong assumptions, they will reopen and pay what is justly owed.  We have the expertise to know what triggers coverage and we know how to present the facts to the insurance company in a way that reverses their original denial.

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